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Key factors that make a difference in successful leadership
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Praise for CEO Excellence

“This work will help leaders everywhere—not just CEOs—be more effective.”
“Show(s) how the best CEOs think and adapt in surprisingly similar ways across industries”
“Goes behind the corporate curtain… a master class in leadership”
“(A) rare leadership book that takes an analytical look”
“Effective and inspirational”
“Full of highlights…one of those great books that will be read for a long time”
“Remarkable…Any smart CEO looking to not just survive but thrive would do well to read and heed this book’s insights.”
“A book for those who want to sharpen their skills in leading organizations to higher levels.”
“Valuable…provides leaders at all career stages insight on how to complement and enhance their respective styles.”
“Plunges into the minds of the world's finest CEOs, reaches deep into their psyches, [and] retrieves the rarest pearls of wisdom.”
“Illuminating and even inspiring…strategies I’m excited to teach in my leadership courses at Harvard.”
“A must-read for everyone who is (or wants to be) a CEO…Very informative and highly enjoyable.”
“CEO Excellence pulls back the curtain on how some of the world’s greatest business leaders have achieved success. Readers from the classroom to the boardroom will find valuable lessons they can apply to their own careers.”
“A how-to guide for aspiring leaders, CEO Excellence provides real-world, practical examples of how real leaders lead through times of crisis and calm. A must-read for anyone that aspires to lead corporations large and small.”

Author Talks: What separates the best CEOs from the rest?

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Carolyn Dewar
Scott Keller
Vikram Malhotra

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