“If you approach [a difficult] conversation with a mindset that you’re bringing them a new perspective, you’re giving them a new view on the world ... it really can be something that is a gift to another person, and it is going to help them become a more effective manager or leader,” says Liz Hilton Segel, McKinsey’s global leader of industry practices. Feedback is crucial to employee development and growth, but delivering—and receiving—it isn’t always easy. As performance review season approaches, check out these insights on enhancing team dynamics, navigating difficult conversations, and unleashing employees’ full potential.

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Book Recommendation

Thanks for the Feedback: The Science and Art of Receiving Feedback Well by Sheila Heen and Douglas Stone

“Getting people aligned requires regularly sharpening our feedback approaches. This book captures everything we want to know about the triggers and opportunities of feedback.” —Tsedal Neeley, senior associate dean, Harvard Business School, in McKinsey’s 2022 summer reading guide.

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