How to be a high-performing CEO—at any stage of the CEO life cycle

Every chapter of the CEO journey comes with a unique set of challenges—and opportunities. Whether you’re a senior executive who aspires to the top job or you’re a celebrated CEO who’s preparing to pass the baton to a successor, check out this series of McKinsey Quarterly articles from senior partners Carolyn Dewar, Scott Keller, Vikram Malhotra, and Kurt Strovink for high-impact leadership advice. Then dive into lessons from the world’s best CEOs, and bookmark The McKinsey guide to excelling as a CEO for the latest insights on topics that should be at the top of your agenda.

Stepping up: Becoming a high-potential CEO candidate

Starting strong: Making your CEO transition a catalyst for renewal

Staying ahead: How the best CEOs continually improve performance

Sending it forward: Successfully transitioning out of the CEO role


Rising CEOs: Lessons from the McKinsey Leadership Forum

Author Talks: What separates the best CEOs from the rest?

The mindsets and practices of excellent CEOs