How generative AI can improve customer experiences in Europe

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Iguazio was acquired by McKinsey in January of 2023, and it's been an amazing ride so far. We've been helping clients scale their AI journeys, and now with gen AI, the problem actually became even harder. People underestimate what it takes to move from the demo to the production stage. Pre-gen AI success rates were ten percent, in general. When it comes to gen AI, demos are easier to build while production is harder to implement. We're here for our clients to help them in their journey.

Europe has always been heavily regulated, which is a good thing. We all remember general data protection regulation (GDPR), which protects our privacy. The same thing is happening with AI now, and there is a draft framework around regulating AI, which is good. As far as our clients are concerned, it's not clear what exactly will be regulated. We always recommend enterprises build modular architectures to try and centralize the way they're operating their AI applications. That way, as soon as regulations come, they can govern their operations in a way that won’t require rebuilding their entire infrastructure.

If we look at Europe and the variety of cultures and languages, I think we’ve all experienced bad interactions with chatbots. Personally, I always say, “Give me an agent, give me an agent,” until I manage to interact with a real person. But now, those chatbots can actually help agents address questions, because with gen AI, there has finally been a leap in their ability to address the needs of non-English speakers. Those models are now sophisticated enough to interact in a way that is meaningful and productive, helping those agents address many more clients in parallel.

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