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Clients and McKinsey leaders from across Europe discuss what it will take for the region to build on its strengths and help the continent regain its competitive edge.

On the cusp of a new era: Global flows, energy, and the supply cycle

– In this episode of Friends of Europe’s #CriticalThinking Live, we chat to Sven Smit, chair of McKinsey Global Institute, about the new era into which the world has entered and its effects on society.

How gender diversity affects the European economy

– Helsinki-based associate Elina Mäkelä discusses the importance of gender diversity on Europe’s economy, which... she says is a societal and ethical issue. It’s also a question of value, since diverse companies demonstrably outperform their peers by up to 25 percent.

Europe’s biggest AI opportunities

– London partner Louise Herring discusses the promise of AI in Europe, which she says hinges on scale and depends on the ability... of companies to get their strategies, data, talent, tools, and models right to become their best selves.

Imperatives for leaders at COP27

– Helsinki Partner Anna Granskog discusses what leaders can do to make the most of this year’s climate summit.

The future of work and reskilling in Europe

– Tera Allas, director of research and economics at McKinsey’s UK and Ireland offices, discusses Europe’s reskilling... and upskilling challenges and opportunities, and the major role both governments and business will play.

Europe’s biggest technology gaps

– Senior partner Eric Hazan discusses his takeaways from MGI’s latest report, Securing Europe’s Competitiveness, which... looks at ten transversal technologies and finds that Europe leads on only two of the ten.

The UK’s performance on sustainable, inclusive growth

– Tunde Olanrewaju, managing partner of McKinsey’s UK, Ireland, and Israel offices, shares his perspective on how the United... Kingdom is tracking relative to its sustainability and inclusion aspirations.

Germany’s performance on sustainable, inclusive growth

– Fabian Billing, managing partner, McKinsey Germany and Austria, explains the country’s position of strength and the opportunities... that lie ahead on inclusion, growth and prosperity, and sustainability.

Policy and regulatory considerations for Europe

– Senior partner Solveigh Hieronimus shares her thoughts on the policy and regulatory initiatives that could help keep Europe competitive.

Celebrating International Day of the Girl

– McKinsey’s global chief diversity, equity, and inclusion officer Maria Martinez speaks with Alexia de Broglie, co-founder... of finance app Your Juno, on the importance of teaching young children about finance, creating a values-driven business, and the future of Your Juno.

Clarisse Magnin on Europe’s changing retail sector

– Europe has some of the most productive retailers but has no online retail platform to match the size of leading US and Chinese... online retailers. Clarisse Magnin, managing partner of McKinsey in France, explains why Europe’s lagging position on most transversal technologies jeopardizes its performance even in traditional sectors.

Marco Piccitto on Europe’s position on most transversal technologies

– Europe’s position on most transversal technologies jeopardizes its performance, even in traditional sectors where it has... led the world. Marco Piccitto, director of the McKinsey Global Institute, discusses the value at stake, not only for growth but also for sustainability, inclusion, and Europe’s strategic autonomy.

Maria Martinez on Europe’s inclusion and social progress

– Senior partner Maria Martinez, discusses the underlying dimensions driving Europe’s leading position on most dimensions... of inclusion and social progress, reflecting personal safety, health, and quality of the environment.

Sven Smit on Europe’s disruptive currents

– Can leaders lift their companies to the next frontier of resilience—not only to survive but also to thrive? Sven Smit, chairman... of the McKinsey Global Institute, unpacks this vital question.

Building resilience into European organizations

– In a volatile world, resilience is an increasingly critical prerequisite for corporate performance. Magnus Tyreman, managing partner... for McKinsey in Europe, shares his perspective on the biggest disruptive currents he is seeing in Europe, and what he believes it will take for the region to overcome these vulnerabilities.

Europe’s progress on sustainable, inclusive growth

– Magnus Tyreman, managing partner for McKinsey in Europe, discusses how Europe is tracking on sustainable and inclusive growth... and corporate performance, and what it will take for the region to maintain its leadership position.

Is Europe is falling behind on transversal technologies?

– Dr. Jan Mischke, a partner at the McKinsey Global Institute, looks at the ten transversal technologies that are permeating virtually... every sector, and gauges where Europe stands in each of them to ascertain its competitive position in the years ahead.



Digital Challengers on the next frontier in Central and Eastern Europe

– Our most recent report on economic growth in the CEE region from 2017–21 shows the positive role of digital commerce in... driving value and future growth.

Watch the replay: Leading voices discuss implications of human capital at work research

– Stephanie Flanders of Bloomberg moderates a conversation with Birgit Bohle, Beth Cobert, and Sir Christopher Pissarides on navigating... the challenges and opportunities ahead.
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Watch the replay: Leading voices discuss implications of the net-zero transition

– Gillian Tett of the FT moderates a conversation with Mark Carney, Rajiv Shah, and Francesco Starace on navigating the challenges... ahead.

Restoring Europe’s economy amid COVID-19

– McKinsey experts discuss the economic impact that COVID-19 has had on Europe, the policy response by governments, and the possible... timeframe and trajectory of a recovery.

Securing Europe’s competitiveness: Addressing its technology gap

Interested in learning about why Europe’s tech gap could be a slow-motion crisis? This virtual event on Europe’s corporate performance and competitiveness will help you learn more. You’ll hear from the authors of a new McKinsey Global Institute report, followed by a moderated discussion with leading experts.

Thriving, not just surviving, in macroeconomic uncertainty

We are living through a period of very high uncertainty and volatility. In our recent executive webinar focused on “Resilient growth transformations: Thriving, not just surviving, in today’s economy”, McKinsey leaders discuss the macro forces that are in play, and the wide range of possible future scenarios for the region moving ahead.


McKinsey leaders speak with clients and other experts from across the region on what it will take for Europe to innovate at scale and support its economic and social system.

Entrepreneurship beyond Silicon Valley

– Innovation is accelerating in Europe and beyond, making way for a new generation of start-ups.

What makes the difference for Europe’s top start-ups

– After years of enduring a relative innovation deficit, Europe’s start-up ecosystem is beginning to show renewed promise.... The best performing companies offer a model for how to maintain the entrepreneurial momentum.

McKinsey Israel on High Tech

An original podcast where McKinsey experts and Israel’s tech leaders come together to talk about hot topics facing entrepreneurs... and start-up founders as they look toward the future.

Tomorrow - Ein McKinsey Podcast (in German)

In this podcast, McKinsey experts present the topics that are currently affecting us all—and discuss what effects they will... have on tomorrow.

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