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An original podcast where McKinsey experts and Israel’s tech leaders come together to talk about hot topics facing entrepreneurs and start-up founders as they look toward the future.

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Tech talent tectonics

As companies continue to drive digital transformations, finding, attracting, retaining, and training tech talent has become ever more important. In this episode, Adi Soffer-Teeni, vice president and general manager of Meta Israel, and McKinsey senior partner Dana Maor explore these challenges along with a discussion around the emergent “metaverse” and what all of this could mean for Israel’s tech companies.

Educational technology in the age of COVID-19

Our latest podcast explores the Israeli and global educational technology market, including the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, with Aviel Lazar, VP Engineering at B2C EdTech company Chegg, and Andrew Goodman, McKinsey Senior Partner and one of the leaders of our Technology, Media & Telecommunications Practice in Europe.

The future of healthcare

In this episode, Israel-based partner and life-sciences specialist Gila Tolub explores the biggest trends in digital health today with David Maman, founder, CEO and chief technology officer (CTO) of Israeli health and wellness monitoring solutions company Together they discuss how the industry might look like in five years’ time, and the unique challenges healthtech companies face, from regulation to AI bias and beyond.

Start-up investor pitch excellence

In this episode, we spoke with Carmel Yoeli, the CEO of Atreo, one of Israel’s most successful B2B brand agencies, and Luisa Russwurm, a manager from McKinsey’s Israel office who has spent most of her time helping young start-ups shape their investor stories. Both of them will provide us with an actionable framework on how to effectively structure and convey your investor pitch[es].

The global shortage in semiconductor chips

Yaniv Garty, the vice president of Intel and the general manager (GM) of Intel in Israel, and Dr. Ondrej Burkacky, a McKinsey senior partner who leads McKinsey’s global semiconductor work, discuss the ongoing demand and supply imbalance in the semiconductor industry and how Israeli start-ups could capture a piece of the semiconductor value pool.

Turning start-up challenges into opportunities

Using real-life examples, McKinsey senior partners David Chinn and Jay Jubas offer their perspective for how start-ups can approach an array of challenges, covering everything from setting strategy and fundraising to functional issues.

Entrepreneurship & challenges involved: Part 2

Trax cofounder and chairman Joel Bar-El and McKinsey senior partner and Israel Tech Hub leader Jay Jubas tackle the next challenge on their start-up journey by addressing how to scale and grow the start-up, to ultimately executing a successful exit strategy.

Entrepreneurship & challenges involved: Part 1

Trax cofounder and chairman Joel Bar-El and McKinsey senior partner and Israel Tech Hub leader Jay Jubas delve into the tech start-up journey, taking on the imperative of identifying a big enough problem or pain point to solve, to the challenges of building a viable product, testing it and getting the right investors on board.

Featured Insights

Podcast - Talking Banking Matters

Taking the friction out of financial services: A conversation with Plaid COO Eric Sager

– For Plaid’s operating chief, the future of payments will be built on increasing transparency for both customers and the banks and fintechs seeking to serve them.

Scaling AI like a tech native: The CEO’s role

– Embedding AI across an enterprise to tap its full business value requires shifting from bespoke builds to an industrialized AI factory. MLOps can help, but the CEO must facilitate it.

Cloud-migration opportunity: Business value grows, but missteps abound

– Companies aim to embrace the cloud more fully, but many are already failing to reap the sizable rewards. Outperformers have shown what it takes to overcome the costly hurdles.

Can companies build on their digital surge?

– Many businesses have boosted digital sales in the pandemic, but it will take a new commitment to speed to keep up with the digital leaders.

Building a tech-services ecosystem to deliver products—not applications

– IT organizations focused on building value as well as reducing costs need to rethink how they engage with their vendors.

Financial services unchained: The ongoing rise of open financial data

– If open finance continues to accelerate, it could reshape the global financial services ecosystem, change the very idea of banking, and increase pressure on incumbents.

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