How current events are shaping Italian consumer behavior

– In Italy, consumer pessimism about the country’s economy is largely explained by growing concern about rising prices, with clear evidence of trading down.

Investing in major works in Italy: Opportunities from digitization, resourcing, and reskilling (in Italian)

– The challenge of making infrastructure investments in Italy is an opportunity for digitization, the attraction of talent, and... reskilling at scale.

When David allies himself with Goliath (in Italian)

– Europe generates 36% of startups worldwide, but only 14% of unicorns. New forms of collaboration between startups and large companies... can foster growth and innovation in Italy too.

The resilience imperative: Succeeding in uncertain times

– Strengthening institutional resilience has never been more important.

Unlocking the full life-cycle value from connected-car data

– Car data can help mobility players along the entire value chain—but they need to act now.

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