Maximizing the effectiveness of leaders in an environment of increasing uncertainty and complexity.

What matters most? Five priorities for CEOs in the next normal

– How leaders can adapt to a very different future.

Apprenticeship gets a makeover

– It may sound like an outdated term, but apprenticeship remains a powerful tool in today’s businesses for building skills,... increasing collaboration, and retaining talent.
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How to lead in a hybrid environment

– Work has changed—and so must leaders. These four management shifts are making the biggest impact in today’s hybrid work environment.

Reimagining HR: Insights from people leaders

– Human resources is playing a critical role in helping organizations respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. Chief human resources officers... expect that influence to persist.
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How to lead during uncertain times

– Our readers seeking leadership guidance have found these McKinsey Organization Blog posts most helpful.

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CEO Excellence

What if the world’s highest-performing CEOs held a master class to share the skills and practices that have driven their success... over the years?

Deliberate Calm

How to learn and lead in a volatile world

Leadership at Scale: Better Leadership, Better Results

Leadership at Scale provides leaders with the systematic and fact-based leadership development approach they need to... unlock organizational performance in today’s fast-paced business environment.


Leadership & Management

Develop transformative leadership mindsets and capabilities


Aberkyn is McKinsey’s leadership and culture transformation community. Our purpose is to help leaders be a force for good... in our world. We work with leaders, teams and organizations to align, transform, and create holistic impact in business performance. McKinsey acquired Aberkyn in 2017.


OrgSolutions applies data and rigor to the most important organizational decisions.

Leading The C-Suite


Leadership Matters

Explore McKinsey’s exclusive interviews with leaders whose ideas and insights shape the world of business.

Author Talks: Indra Nooyi on leadership, life, and crafting a better future

– The trailblazing former CEO of PepsiCo discusses the events that shaped her life and offers a blueprint for work–family... conundrums.

Leading from the heart: How Freshworks’ CEO built a global tech unicorn

– Girish Mathrubootham, CEO of the India-born, US-headquartered software-as-a-service start-up believes that this is the decade... for India as a product nation.

What resilience means to Nextdoor CEO Sarah Friar

– For Nextdoor CEO Sarah Friar, resilience requires diverse perspectives, local solutions, playbooks to help anticipate the unexpected,... and a regard for unforeseen consequences.

Moderna’s path to vaccine innovation: A talk with CEO Stéphane Bancel

– Moderna’s delivery of a COVID-19 vaccine comes on the heels of revolutionary science that may accelerate innovation across... the industry well into the future.

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