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India’s turning point

India, a high-growth emerging economy, has reached a crucial juncture. Will the crisis sparked by COVID-19 spur economic reforms that position it to emerge stronger and meet the aspirations of its growing work force, or will economic stagnation take hold instead? This collection of articles and multimedia explores the potential in depth.

Interview Series: A vision for the future

McKinsey speaks with India’s visionaries, future builders and thought-leaders on what it will take to drive growth over the next 25 years.

How Blackstone is helping to build India’s next generation of global companies

Blackstone Private Equity’s head of Asia, Amit Dixit, reveals elements of its long-term success in India. Hint: it requires the right mix of ownership, technology, and talent.

A new growth formula for manufacturing in India

– India’s manufacturing sector could become an engine for economic growth and jobs—if it can specialize. Eleven high-potential value chains could more than double its manufacturing GDP in a few years.
Report - McKinsey Global Institute

India’s turning point: An economic agenda to spur growth and jobs

– A clarion call is sounding for India to put growth on a sustainably faster track and meet the aspirations of its growing workforce.

Indias turning point

– Faced with creating 90 million jobs over the next decade, India will need to implement significant reforms across the economy to ensure its trajectory of growth.

Featured videos

India’s economic opportunities in the next decade

Anu Madgavkar, partner with the McKinsey Global Institute based in our Mumbai office, discusses how India’s economy can bounce back from COVID-19 and get back on a high-growth track in the decade ahead.

How India’s firms can help propel the country’s economic growth

Gautam Kumra, managing partner in McKinsey’s India office, discusses why it’s important for India’s firms to scale up in size in the next decade, and the three challenges that need to be overcome to achieve this goal.

How India can achieve its growth goals

Shirish Sankhe, senior partner based in our Mumbai office, reveals the six pillars of reforms India will need to undertake in order to create 90 million new non-farm jobs in the next decade.

Innovating business models to boost India’s economy

Many Indian companies need to transition from being founder-led to more effectively implementing professional processes, improving corporate-governance standards, and devising new business models.

The Next Normal Beyond Coronavirus


Five priorities for corporate India in the next normal after COVID-19

– The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted the weaknesses and the strengths of India’s large businesses. Now executives have an opportunity to make changes that will see their companies through the downturn and position them for long-term success.

India’s post–COVID-19 economic recovery: The M&A imperative

– The humanitarian and economic dislocations resulting from the pandemic have affected companies in India and the world. Several strategic themes can support a stronger recovery into the next normal.

The unexpected trip: The future of mobility in India beyond COVID-19

– The coronavirus has introduced unexpected complications within India’s automotive and mobility sectors. For OEMs and other stakeholders, it is time to think about new and innovative business models.

Industry Perspectives


India’s chemical industry: Unleashing the next wave of growth

– The chemical industry in India is positioned to capitalize on near-term opportunities. How private players map their priorities could shape the future of the industry and contribute to trade performance.

Embracing the discontinuities in India’s auto component industry

– The robust growth of the automotive components industry has been disrupted by a slowdown in automobile sales over the past several months. Concerns about the future of the industry are foremost among all stakeholders. How can auto component manufacturers best manage the ongoing slowdown? This report touches on some actions that could help the industry.

Digital agenda


Digital India: Technology to transform a connected nation

– Indian consumers have strongly embraced digital technologies. Now India’s companies must follow suit.