What makes Asia Pacific’s Generation Z consumers unique

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What make Asia-Pacific’s Gen Zers unique, and how can organizations better connect with them?

Generation Z in APAC are in some ways similar to their slightly older siblings, the millennials. But in some ways, they’re quite different. McKinsey conducted a six-country research spanning across Australia, China, South Korea, Japan, Indonesia and Thailand and spanning across 16,000 respondents from three generations, Generation Z, millennials, and Generation X. Here’s what we found.

The Generation Z in APAC are very much conscious of their online presence. They spend a lot more time online than millennials and are also more acutely aware of some of the risks about their identity online. Therefore, they curate their online presence very, very carefully. They are much more dependent on video than photos—which I think everyone might expect.

They are deal hunters. They know how to hunt for them and they always go after them. They are really conscious about the environment and trying to buy sustainably, but not yet ready to spend the money to actually do it. Some of these differences are really key to understand for businesses operating to capture consumers in APAC. Because by 2025, this Generation Z will consist of almost a quarter of the entire population in Asia-Pacific.

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