How climate change will affect the “Four Asias”

Yuito Yamada, partner based in our Tokyo office and co-author of Future of Asia, discusses how the impacts of climate change will vary across the “Four Asias” within the region.

What are the key impacts of climate change across Asia, and how can they be managed?


Asia is in the forefront of climate risk. Whether it’s capital—75 percent of the capital at risk globally is in Asia when it comes to climate risk—or lethal heat waves, the majority of the heat-wave-affected areas are going to be in Asia. But this is going to differ by each of the different Asias.

Starting off with Frontier Asia: India and Pakistan. It’s a balance. It’s a huge hit on lethal heat waves. But with the Southeast Asian countries with Emerging Asia, iIt’s going to be both wet stream as well as lethal heat waves. Advanced Asia: South Korea, Japan, and Australia. Australia has much more drought, but Japan has much more typhoons and flooding. China is very different by each of the different regions as well.

So what can we say? The one thing we can say is that it’s good news that we know all of this bad news already, so that we can act on it. And finally, what we should do together is have Asian leaders rise up and take this as an opportunity to become global leaders of climate risk mitigation.

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