How Asia can lead the climate crisis response

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The 1.5-degree challenge

Holding warming to 1.5°C above preindustrial levels could limit the most dangerous and irreversible effects of climate change.

The net-zero transition: Implications for Asia-Pacific

McKinsey convened a virtual event for decision makers in Asia featuring the findings of our latest report, The net-zero transition: What it would cost, what it could bring.

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One way to help solve net-zero challenges: Working together as an ecosystem

– It is vital to manage three areas when negotiating the rocky 1.5° pathway: clear policies, risks to private capital, and tradeoffs.

Why policy enablement is critical in Asia’s quest for net zero

– How do governments across the region ensure that local industries are part of the solution?

Asia’s net-zero transformation: The vital role that banks can play

– Different types of financing are required for banks’ stakeholders and clients, particularly in Asia where countries are so diverse.
Report - McKinsey Global Institute

Climate risk and response in Asia

Article - McKinsey Global Institute

Will India get too hot to work?