Our annual reading guide is back and updated for 2023.



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It takes a village to curate amazing lists from this rather busy group of leaders from all over the world. We would like to thank Kathy Bloomgarden, Robert Christie, Rimjhim Dey, Aria Finger, Steve John, Adrian Monck, Jayne Rosefield, Michelle O Sing, and Vinay Sridhar for their help.

Within McKinsey Global Publishing, special thanks to Mike Borruso, Elana Brown, Vanessa Burke, Sean Conrad, Pablo Corzo, Zachary Enco, Drew Holzfeind, Eleni Kostopoulos, Molly Liebergall, LaShon Malone, Philip Mathew, Pamela Norton, Kanika Punwani, Diane Rice, Shirley Shum, Amanda Soto, Sarah Thuerk, and Nathan Wilson for making this list come alive.

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