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Klimastandort Schweiz: Schweizer Unternehmen als globale Treiber für Netto-Null

– Die Welt ist nicht auf Kurs, Netto-Null bis 2050 zu erreichen. Die Schweiz ist hier keine Ausnahme. Obwohl die Schweiz mit ihrer fortschrittlichen Wirtschaft im Inland <0.1% der globalen Emissionen verursacht, spielt sie als internationales Wirtschafts- und Finanzzentrum eine bedeutende Rolle in der Dekarbonisierung.

Future of Mobility in Switzerland

– Switzerland is receptive to new mobility trends; reservations toward regulatory measures are greater than those toward new technologies.

The future of supplementary health insurance in Switzerland

– Supplementary health insurance in Switzerland needs urgent reform to make it an appealing option in the long term along with a strategic focus and new, customer-centric product ideas based on the principles of private insurance.

Making up lost ground: How Switzerland’s second-pillar pension funds can improve their investment performance

– Taking action in three key areas would allow Swiss pension funds to capture significant benefits without taking undue risks or making big leaps of faith.

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The net-zero transition: What it would cost, what it could bring

– This McKinsey report offers a detailed look at the economic and societal impact of the transition to net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

COP26 made net zero a core principle for business. Here’s how leaders can act

– Momentum has shifted: net-zero commitments are the norm. But demand for solutions and systems to meet them outstrips the supply.... To respond, businesses should focus on five fundamentals.

Protecting people from a changing climate: The case for resilience

– Our new study lays bare the potential impact of climate risks for people across the globe—and underscores the need to protect... the most vulnerable and build resilience.

Aligning portfolios with climate goals: A new approach for financial institutions

– Portfolio-alignment tools will help financial institutions chart more scientifically robust, realistic, and profitable climate... strategies.

Digital Insights


What technology trends will—and should—lead business agendas in 2022?

– We asked leaders in industry, academia, and at McKinsey to share their perspectives on the technology trends likely to headline business agendas this year, the ones that could—but shouldn’t—slip through the cracks, and what executives should think about when considering new technologies. Here is what they told us.

The data-driven enterprise of 2025

– Rapidly accelerating technology advances, the recognized value of data, and increasing data literacy are changing what it means... to be “data driven.”

Six practical actions for building the cloud talent you need

– Despite a shortage of cloud talent, top companies are finding ways to get past table stakes and build the capabilities needed.

Quantum computing use cases are getting real—what you need to know

– A burgeoning quantum-computing ecosystem and emerging business use cases promise to create significant value for industries—if... executives prepare now.

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The State of Grocery Retail 2023

– In 2022, European grocery was characterized by unprecedented inflation and increasing consumer price sensitivity. Consumers traded... down, and grocers experienced substantial cost pressure. The impact of the COVID–19 pandemic on the sector had largely concluded by the end of the year. In the second half of 2023, we expect European grocery to start recovering. Key trends that will shape the sector this year include a gradual normalization of price and volume, a search for cheaper food, continued margin and cost pressure, a race for economies of scale, profitable online growth, retail media expansion, accelerated technology deployment, and intensified collaboration of grocers with their suppliers to drive sustainability.
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Executive Briefing

COVID-19: Implications for business

– Our latest perspectives on the coronavirus outbreak, the twin threats to lives and livelihoods, and how organizations can prepare... for the next normal.

Creating value, finding focus: Global Insurance Report 2022

– The insurance industry struggles to create economic profit. But amid COVID-19’s enduring changes, opportunities await.

Women in the Workplace 2022

– Women leaders are switching jobs at the highest rates we’ve ever seen, and ambitious young women are prepared to do the... same. To make meaningful and sustainable progress toward gender equality, companies need to go beyond table stakes. That’s according to the latest Women in the Workplace report from McKinsey, in partnership with LeanIn.Org.