Women in Dual Career Couples

The Balancing Act
February 18, 2021
Virtual event, Europe

McKinsey is committed to improving the representation of women in leadership positions within the firm. We understand that when both partners in a relationship have demanding jobs, striking the right balance between work and personal life can be a challenge.

During our Women in Dual Career Couples event, hosted by our European offices, we will discuss some of the challenges women in dual career couples face, and the ways in which McKinsey addresses the need for dual career employees to feel more supported.

Individuals selected to attend are welcome to have their spouse or significant other join the event as well.

Event details


February 18, 2021


7:00 p.m. – 8.30 p.m. CET


We invite individuals based in Europe who self-identify as a woman and have more than six years of work experience

Application process

To apply, please complete a short online form and attach your CV or LinkedIn profile.

When completing this form, you will choose up to two office locations or business functions to review your registration and consider inviting you. We advise you to make your selections based on geographic or industry ties—that is, you have studied or lived in the country, or you have work experience in the business function or industry. You should also be fluent in the local language.


  • Welcome
  • Keynote about McKinsey’s Dual Career Program
  • Panel discussion with McKinsey dual career couples
  • Q&A session
This event is non-evaluative. It is an opportunity for you to get to know us and learn more about working at McKinsey in Europe. Women in Dual Career Couples is just one of our many worldwide programs aimed at helping individuals who self-identify as women get to know McKinsey better. Stay tuned to our Real Life at McKinsey Facebook page, as well as our Careers blog, for more information regarding upcoming events and initiatives.

Meet us

“My husband and I have been a dual career couple for the last ten years. We continuously work on finding the best model for ourselves and our 10-year-old daughter. I am grateful that McKinsey offers flexibility and different operating models and allows me take responsibility for shaping what works best for my family. I am happy I can lead our clients to success as an engagement manager for our Marketing & Sales Practice and be a mom at the same time.”

Martina, Engagement manager, Marketing & Sales Practice, Frankfurt

"I have been with the firm for over ten years and across my tenure, I have been off for three maternity leaves. My husband runs a leading independent multi-family office in Germany. While he is trying to stay on top of a massive growth trajectory, I try to help my clients to navigate the disruptive market forces of the banking industry of today. In my experience McKinsey is a great place for women in a dual career couple; we offer space to grow but also the flexibility to adjust the personal operating model at times, when the situation might require it."

Susanne, Expert associate partner, Risk Practice, Hamburg

“I have had the opportunity to experience a wide range of work-lives as part of a dual career couple. Beginning with consulting, moving to a large corporation, then to a non-profit and then back to consulting when I joined McKinsey. I have four children and my wife is in private practice as a psychologist. McKinsey is incredibly supportive of dual career couples and of diverse journeys and paths. I think that is what distinguishes this firm for members of a dual career couple, we really understand the complexities of competing priorities and the importance of family according to every definition as part of a healthy life ecosystem.”

Ellis, people function leader, Eastern Europe, Middle East, and Africa, Amsterdam

“Within McKinsey, we have a network of colleagues at all tenures who work flexible part-time models. With the support of the firm, I have been able to find a good operating model for my dual career household. I log off around lunch time two afternoons per week so I can pick up my son from kindergarten and spend uninterrupted quality time with him. Having these two days per week set aside allows me to build a schedule that works for both my clients and my family.”

Isabel, Partner, Marketing & Sales Practice, Munich

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