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Ayushi joined McKinsey as a software engineering intern and quickly advanced into roles that took her across the globe to help clients solve business challenges, launch applications, and move forward with digital transformations.

In 2016, I joined McKinsey as a software engineering intern because I wanted to use technology to directly impact the lives of millions around the world.

I was introduced to coding in second grade when my neighbor taught me BASIC. I learned the syntax, how to design solutions in flow charts, and how to logically solve problems. It triggered my love for programming, and I went on to earn my bachelor’s in computer science and engineering from the Vellore Institute of Technology in India.

Prior to joining McKinsey, I was a summer research fellow with the Indian Academy of Sciences and a web developer intern at RDSO, Lucknow.

In 2016, I joined McKinsey as a software engineering intern because I wanted to use technology to directly impact the lives of millions around the world. I have progressed from junior digital analyst to senior digital analyst, and now digital technology specialist. It has been motivating to have a clear path forward and see myself advancing.

Diving into the deep end

Since joining McKinsey, I’ve worked around the globe in many sectors, including banking, insurance, healthcare, and mining on a range of technologies, from frontend to cloud.

I began contributing almost immediately. In my first year, I worked with clients in North America, Indonesia, and Thailand on digital transformations and developing and launching applications.

Early on, I was trusted to present to the board members of a leading telecom provider in Southeast Asia. That developed my confidence to work with industry leaders early in my career.

I then joined a team in Indonesia that was tackling a different tech stack and domain. Next, I returned to Thailand to serve as a full-stack developer, launching an omnichannel telco self-service application with a user base of more than one million.

I love learning new technology and skills, so, when given the chance, I diversified into cloud technologies and architecting solutions on cloud-service providers, including Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure.

I’m currently in Bangalore helping clients set up scalable, secure, and robust infrastructure on public cloud platforms.

The student becomes the teacher

When I started at the firm, I was constantly asking questions and my team lovingly nicknamed me, “Questionnaire.” McKinsey is filled with experts on all subject matters who genuinely and actively take interest in mentoring you. They nurtured my desire to explore new paths and have supported me and taught me so much.

Now, I get to answer questions. I conduct intern technical training programs in the Bangalore office, lead tech professional training programs, and coach client teams in technical topics. I started tech talks for knowledge sharing across teams, and I contribute to the open-source community through blogs, publishing, and discussions.

More about me

Both my parents worked for the government and were transferred regularly, so I was raised in multiple cities across North India. I am close with my family and proud of my younger brother, who is pursuing a career in medicine.

I was a state-level basketball player, and I still play as much as I can. I enjoy swimming, running, and any opportunity to play outdoors. I love cooking and specialize in Indian sweets. During the pandemic, I developed an interest in writing and have been working on my blog.

At McKinsey, I am active in Build by McKinsey, a community of technical experts; DAWN a not-for-profit women’s group in Asia Pacific; and WomenWhoCloud, an internal network for women Cloud technologists.


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