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Supporting clients while feeling supported

Veronica talks about the importance of professional networks and describes the visible effects of her work on supply chain problems in COVID times.

Veronica was first introduced to McKinsey when she was selected for the Next Generation Women Leaders event in Washington D.C. in 2017. She is currently a business analyst in Chicago and pursuing the two-year Operations Excellence Program. As part of the Manufacturing & Supply Chain service line, she helps clients design and implement operational strategies to unlock value. She received her Bachelor’s degrees in Mathematics, Economics, and Industrial & Systems Engineering through the Engineering Dual Degree program at Emory University and Georgia Institute of Technology. She also received her Master’s degree in Global Affairs as a recent graduate of the Schwarzman Scholars program at Tsinghua University in Beijing. Here, Veronica talks about the importance of professional networks and describes the visible effects of her work on supply chain problems in COVID times.

Being part of a supportive community

“Coming from an engineering background, I understand first-hand the value of having female role models in male-dominated fields. It has been incredibly powerful to join the Women in Operations community and work alongside outstanding women from across the world. At McKinsey, I have received incredible guidance and mentorship from women with a diverse set of expertise in everything from manufacturing to capital excellence to product development. As a new joiner, I have received 1:1 coaching from women leaders on how to communicate effectively, strengthen my analytical muscle, and combine strategic problem solving with hands-on implementation. I have also had informal chats with women leaders outside of my projects on how to not only maximize my potential but also shape my career path. If I have something on my mind, I feel comfortable to reach out and seek direction in a safe environment focused on continuous growth and improvement. The supportive network of women colleagues allowed me to embrace my whole self, collaborate authentically, and thrive in a team environment. No doubt, the future of Women in Operations is brighter than ever before.”

Solving supply chain problems in the times of COVID

“It is immensely rewarding to help clients tackle their most challenging problems in supply chain, a field that has always fascinated me. Supply chains form the backbone of society and moving products from their original source to locations where they are demanded are necessary for the operations of any modern system within a country and between countries. Through AI, automation, and big data, supply chains have been able to reduce their costs and improve the overall efficiency of their operation. Without these services, the vital economic activities that enable businesses to function would come to a standstill.

During my most recent project, we helped a client bring visibility to the nature and magnitude of their supply continuity risks. There is no question that events like COVID-19, geopolitical trends, and climate change have brought about global disruption and created significant challenges for supply chains to source key raw and packaging materials. To mitigate stock outs, companies must rethink their operations and proactively deploy strategies to improve their resilience against disruptions. Finding innovative ways to manage and adapt to these unknowns is my fuel every day. It is fulfilling to see the tangible results of our recommendations to clients, especially in an area impacting our everyday lives as much as supply chains do.”

Veronica Chua
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Staying in touch with my university networks

“My professional networks, both inside and outside of McKinsey, have played an important role in my life. During my undergraduate career, I was fortunate enough to be part of the Woodruff Scholars and Fellows Program at Emory University, which provided me with exceptional programming for both personal and professional growth. Now as an alumna, I serve on a subcommittee of the Woodruff Alumni Advisory Board. We work to develop deeper relationships between current students and alumni, spanning nine departments, for networking and collaboration opportunities. Alumni have a wealth of experience, insight, and skills to share with current students, and vice versa. It is evident how passionate current students and alumni are about affecting positive change and seeking connections with one another. Through connections, we bring together individuals who will leverage their gifts to catalyze impact in their communities.”

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