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Teddy and partner in traditional clothing at a wedding
Teddy and partner in traditional clothing at a wedding

My McKinsey journey

I joined McKinsey in Vietnam after spending 10 years in Singapore  , where I attended the National University of Singapore to earn my bachelor’s in finance.

I was drawn to McKinsey for the exposure and high-impact work. To me, McKinsey is different from other consultancies because we maintain a close-knit and caring culture despite our size. The Vietnam office   is small, though growing, and everybody knows each other. Not lately because of COVID-19, but typically we have a weekly office lunch and frequently socialize, talking, playing board games, etc.  Even our alumni stay connected for a long time. We encourage a startup-like culture where all people problem solve and pursue their interests, regardless of tenure.

Rewarding, meaningful impact

In 2012, our client service team designed and implemented a comprehensive capability-building program - a series of classroom trainings with fieldwork applications for middle managers - for a banking client. Fast forward to 2018; the client is using the same program we implemented. It has successfully built the skills of hundreds of their top managers. To me, this speaks volumes about sustainable impact.

Developing professionally

McKinsey has shown me the importance of investing in others and helping them build their capabilities. I've learned to proactively identify and facilitate opportunities to help team members and clients develop to their full potential. For example, we conduct upfront team learnings (https://youtu.be/oOKzlpe4Wf0) before each engagement to understand the strengths and expectations of team members. During the engagement, we ensure constructive and timely feedback, as well as structured, strength-based discussions about those goals. Personally, the support and coaching I’ve received helped me go from business analyst to the first engagement manager in Vietnam, and continues to carry me on my learning journey.

Teddy and partner at a crystal blue lake
Teddy and partner at a crystal blue lake

Amazing opportunities

McKinsey is truly global. I have worked in more than 10 countries, exploring different cultures and getting broad exposure across South East Asia. Weekend travel pre-COVID-19 was especially exciting to me. During my weekend trips, I explored islands in the Philippines, volcanic sights in Indonesia, temples in Myanmar, mountains in Thailand, and beaches in Vietnam. I never forget that I have the chance to get out there, continue on my path and make my own McKinsey.

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