Meeting McKinsey

McKinsey technologists blend analytics, design and engineering with our powerful global network to solve our clients’ toughest problems. They use machine learning and 5G to bring factories into the digital age, build data models to improve patient outcomes and lead companies through agile transformations.

Here, technologists have the autonomy and flexibility to make their own McKinsey in many tech career paths. We asked five technologists across the world what surprised them most about McKinsey.

Nicole and puppy licking her face
Nicole and puppy licking her face

Using my voice

Nicole, design, Austin

At McKinsey, my work has affected more people, more revenue and more organizations than I’ve ever seen in my career. I joined McKinsey from a digital design agency and noticed a difference in the way people communicate here. It’s direct but intentional, and the feedback culture has made a huge impact on my career and on me as a human.

In the past, as a vocal and passionate woman I was told to temper my feedback and water down my passion. At McKinsey, when people catch me holding back, they encourage me to speak up. No matter what your background is, people here push you to be the biggest and most vibrant version of yourself.

Mathias hiking waterfall
Mathias hiking waterfall

A supportive team

Mathias, software engineering, Amsterdam

During the McKinsey interview process, I was struck by how much people genuinely cared about me succeeding. In interviews with other organizations, I felt like I was just another recruit, but at McKinsey this was not the case at all.

I had access to firm peers and partners who would go above and beyond to make sure they answered my questions and supported me throughout the whole interview process. This level of personal caring stays true for my tenure to this day.

At McKinsey we have an incredible worldwide network of experts on any topic you can imagine who are just a phone call away. This, in combination with fostering a culture of genuine caring and knowledge sharing, is not only extremely powerful for my own development but for the level of service we can bring to our clients.

Bringing my expertise

Chin-Chin, data science, Chicago

I’ve found my background and expertise is truly respected and valued at McKinsey, and our teams are non-hierarchical. I spent most of my career in health insurance, and at McKinsey I’m using data science to marry technology and health insurance in an intentional, structured way that helps people stay healthier and, ultimately, saves lives.

Chin Chin ariel yoga
Chin Chin ariel yoga

All my favorite projects have brought together teams of super experts. I often work alongside doctors, data scientists, UX designers and engineers. Working in cross-functional teams helps everyone be at their best. Our trust in each other’s expertise allows team members to focus and bring out the best in themselves and each other.

Personal and professional growth

Xulei, product management, Beijing

Prior to McKinsey, I worked in the technology industry as a development engineer and product manager and co-founded a technology company. I joined McKinsey about two and a half years ago hoping to reach more industries through my work, while also improving my leadership skills and vision for the future.

Xulei on beach at sunset
Xulei on beach at sunset

Looking back, I’ve achieved that goal and more. I’ve helped a logistics company develop a prototype using machine learning technology, a banking client improve its mobile business and a manufacturing company develop its products with agile methodologies. I’ve broadened my horizons and learned more about the impact of digital business. I also have a deeper understanding of methodologies, such as design thinking, user journey mapping and agile methodology. At McKinsey, your personal growth will be beyond your imagination.

Soobia at restaurant
Soobia at restaurant

Support Through mentorship

Soobia, agile coaching, New York City

From my very first interaction in McKinsey’s interview process, I was so impressed with how incredibly smart, gracious and nice everyone I interacted with was. Everyone wanted me to succeed, from my first interview, to my first day on the job, and throughout my career at the firm.

I’ve had great sponsors and mentors here from day one who have helped me find my place in the firm and discover new opportunities. For example, a few months ago, one of my sponsors nominated me to join an internal expert agile coaching bootcamp and share my expertise with the new coaches in the group. I’m constantly amazed by the brain power, humility and grace of the people I work with–and I believe this sets McKinsey apart.

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