Charting my course by serving others

I joined McKinsey as an analytics translator after a diverse career in banking and telecom. I’ve found each person at McKinsey has a different story, and despite their many shared traits, they have different sources of energy and passions.


Finding my calling

My first passion is structuring and solving commercial problems typically underpinned by digital products and/or analytics. My source of energy is helping others. One day, while I was still working in industry, I got into a discussion about consulting with one of my mentors. He described it as a deeply serving profession – a life stance rather than a job. That reminded me that I am at my best when I’m teaching others how to make better decisions. My choice to joining McKinsey came quickly after that discussion.

Building a community

During my first few months at the firm, I worked with an incredible project team to help a global B2B player transform its commercial capabilities. Our team worked hard together and had a lot of fun. I felt I had found more likeminded individuals than ever before.


Learning new approaches

I also learned new analytical techniques from more experienced colleagues. This project was a great example of how McKinsey brings global expertise to bare. When I wanted to validate my approach, I asked and received incredible expert advice within a few hours from colleagues in three different countries.

Looking back and going forward

Reflecting on my experience to date, I’ve noted:

  • McKinsey is a platform to realise your potential no matter your background. This is particularly important for experienced hires like me to remember. The number of us is increasing rapidly in the firm, and the firm is organising additional onboarding courses to support our transition to consulting even more effectively. 
  • Bring your best self and be kind to him/her. You’ll inevitably face challenges; enjoy them.
  • Articulate your own personal value proposition early. Share it often and colleagues will help you chart your own path within the firm.

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About Stavros

Stavros is a data scientist and analytics translator in McKinsey’s London office. Prior to joining McKinsey, he worked as an analytics professional in banking, payments and telco. He has a master’s degree in business analytics from Warwick Business School and completed his major in computer science. In his free time, he enjoys sports – particularly sailing, tennis and hiking. Stavros hardly ever says no to two things: attending an arts exhibition or enjoying a seafood dinner.

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