Ownership from day one

Everyone at McKinsey has their own perspective on why working here is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. For me, it’s because of the amazing combination of responsibility, ownership and support that helps me grow and develop my skills.

Ownership from day one
Ownership from day one

My current engagement is a great example. My team is serving a major retail bank in the United Kingdom. From day one, I was trusted to lead important client relationships and a piece of the work with the potential to realize significant cost savings.

My workstream includes coaching a newly formed analytics squad of six data engineers, data analysts and data scientists who each have more than 10-15 years of experience. We pay special attention to everyone’s working styles and preferences to create a comfortable setup and succeed as a team. That's where the advice and support of my more senior-tenured teammates became really important. The day before an important team meeting, I had a coaching session with my engagement manager in which we discussed the client’s expectations, our working relationship, and communication. When it was time for the meeting, my manager had me lead it on my own. The confidence my mentor had in me made me even more excited about the project.

I am a year into my journey at McKinsey. There’s a lot of hard work and learning ahead of me, on my current engagement and beyond, but I’ve already experienced how the firm nurtures my intrinsic skills and helps me acquire experience that could take decades to gain elsewhere. I am grateful for the support and trust my team has in me, and I’m looking forward to new learning opportunities.

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Solomiia is a fellow senior business analyst in Kyiv. She graduated from the Kyiv School of Economics where she majored in economic analysis. Prior joining McKinsey she did an internship at Central Bank, in the department of monetary policy and economic forecast. Later, she joined an investment bank.

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