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Broadening my perspective, experience, and horizons

Sejin, a former manufacturing engineer, has found the perfect fit as an associate with the McKinsey Operations practice in Asia—a role that empowers him to work with diverse clients and colleagues across the continent.

Before McKinsey, I was a manufacturing engineer for a global Korean electronics company. I loved working with tangible products and seeing quick results after implementing improvements. However, after eight years, I wanted to broaden my perspective, experience, and knowledge beyond manufacturing, so I decided to pursue my MBA degree at Cornell University.

I was planning to join a tech company after completing my MBA, and I never saw myself becoming a consultant. However, through some recruiting events and coffee chats with McKinsey employees, I came to believe the McKinsey’s Operations practice is the perfect place for me.

I was correct. Soon after joining the Seoul office as an associate in the Operations practice, I realized that I had made the right decision. At McKinsey, I work with extremely talented colleagues, and I serve clients across all of Asia in a variety of industries.

Focusing on learning and development

What stood out quickly for me was the firm’s commitment to people development. The new hire training sets you up for success, and the firm provides role- and industry-specific training so you can invest in your skill- and knowledge-building and prepare for client engagements. Additionally, we benefit from mentorships with experienced colleagues.

All that enabled me to get up to speed quickly and build the confidence to do the great work of solving highly complex problems for our clients.

Working around the world

I wanted to broaden my perspective, and McKinsey has delivered.

In my two years with McKinsey, I have worked in five different countries, including Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Bangladesh. I have collaborated with many talented colleagues from different industries, functions, and backgrounds. I’ve also worked with clients across a range of diverse industries, including pharmaceuticals, semiconductors, textiles, and oil and gas.

Driving measurable impact for clients

In operations, we help our clients experience almost immediate quantitative and qualitative results.

For example, for one manufacturing project, the client has been dealing with productivity constraints the company had been trying to solve for years. When my team was brought on to the project, we started to analyze key challenges in the production lines. Based on our findings, we developed for the client standardized processes, an optimized line layout, and capability-building strategies for managers and operators. Following the strategy, the client will be able to hit its productivity target before the target date. Going into the war room every day to monitor the productivity gains was thrilling. When I woke up each morning, I was actually really excited to go see the improved number in the production line.

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