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Black History Month is a time to reflect on and understand black history, especially in North America. It is a chance to celebrate the people who have been integral in fighting for equality, freedom and basic civil rights. It is a time to build awareness for the entire population and ensure progress is not stalled.

I believe change is gradual. I can’t say one person is the most iconic, pivotal or inspirational figure in Black history. The progress we see today required multiple people doing different things and building on each other’s momentum. An example of this is the story of Claudette Colvin, the first person to decide not to sit at the back of the bus. She was inspired by the story of black leaders like Harriet Tubman. Nine months later, Rosa Parks took the same stand as Claudette and galvanized the Montgomery bus boycott.

Mentorship and the McKinsey Black Network

I wouldn’t be at McKinsey without the McKinsey Black Network. I joined McKinsey as an experienced hire, and I had no idea what case interviewing entailed. I connected with members of the network in Canada who provided resources, materials and their time so I could ace the interviews. While preparing for my interviews, one of the members offered a weekly coaching session. It was so helpful for my development as I received regular feedback from someone great at coaching.

Diversity in the work

I am a McKinsey Implementation (MI) coach. We are generally consultants who have industry experience to bring to our clients. Implementation coaches tend to be focused on coaching and building client capabilities to ensure sustained results. Our implementation projects tend to be longer than most high-level strategy projects.

However, as a MI coach, there is no requirement that I only do implementation projects. There is opportunity to work on strategy across industries and functional groups. I look forward to exploring that one day. This variety is one of the most amazing opportunities provided by working at McKinsey.

Finding balance

I start most mornings with a quick 30-minute work out to get myself ready for the day. Activity helps me wake up more quickly, especially as I do not drink coffee.

Outside of work, I love cooking, reading and traveling (probably the first thing I will do after the pandemic is over!). The picture is of my husband and I taking a quick trip to Florida in Feb 2020 just before the lockdowns went into effect. I’m hoping to explore some East and South African countries once they start opening back up again.

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