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Coding with global impact

After joining McKinsey, Olga has grown as a professional and feels prepared for a bright future full of interesting challenges.

What’s it like working at McKinsey?

I am a software engineer in our Prague office, within Technology & Digital (T&D).

What I love about my role is the variety of projects. Some focus on front-end and others on DevOps. I get to choose the projects I work on which motivates me; I learn something new every day.

Also, the people here are special. Although many of us are working from home right now and some work from different countries, everyone is collaborative, professional and always happy to provide me with advice or coaching.

What is one of the most interesting challenges you’ve had in your role?

It was the automatization of creating a development environment for other developers with help of the CI/CD platform. Having experience in front-end, this was an unusual task for me. With help from a fellow architect, I tackled the challenge and it gave me a major confidence boost in my skills as a software engineer. Soon, we will roll out this script around the world. It’s quite a thrill to see the global impact of my work.

Coding with global impact
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How do you spend your time outside of work?

I’m a mother of two beautiful children so most of my free time I spend with my family. Apart from that, I try to run 5 kilometers every day. Running helps me relax and unwind.

Any words of advice for someone thinking about applying to McKinsey?

Don’t hesitate to apply! Everyone I’ve met at McKinsey goes above and beyond to help one another – be it ad hoc questions, mentoring from senior colleagues, or anything else necessary to learn and develop. I recommend McKinsey to everyone because working here opened so many opportunities for me and I have grown a lot during my time here. When I look back, my projects aren’t just about getting things done. Each has helped me grow as a professional and set me out for a brighter future.

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