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No suit and tie

Natalia was afraid she would lose her identity upon joining McKinsey. Turned out, the opposite was true.

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After more than eight years in the beauty and luxury industry, I wanted to step outside my comfort zone, into a new challenge, to learn and grow. During a business trip, I met a friend for coffee. She worked at McKinsey and suggested I apply. Consulting had never crossed my mind and I hesitated at first, thinking I wouldn’t be a good fit. However, after reading more about the firm and speaking to McKinsey consultants who inspired me, I was convinced McKinsey was the place for me.

At McKinsey, I combine working on topics I feel passionate about (such as digital marketing) with my experience in branding and retail. I am building on my existing expertise while broadening my horizons working closely with experts in areas that are new to me, like digital, e–commerce, or the Chinese market. I have never learned so many things in a such a short time.

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When I told my friends I was joining McKinsey, their first reactions were a little scary:

”You’ll have to wear suits and give up fashion.“

”You won’t have time for anything else, not even music.“

Luckily, this has NOT been the case. Since day one, I’ve shared a lot of laughter, meaningful personal conversation, and fun activities with my friendly, welcoming colleagues from diverse backgrounds. After seven months, I’m convinced joining the firm was the best choice I could have made. I still don’t wear suits. I still love fashion. And I am still pursuing music; my first single is being released on Spotify!

#WomenMatter #DiversityIsReality

What makes this place special? Inclusiveness is a reality. Flexibility is the culture. Excellence is a habit.

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