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My internship experience at McKinsey

We caught up with Muna to see how the first year of her two-year program is going.

We caught up with Muna, a fellow based in Addis Ababa, to see how her first year in the Young Leaders Program went.

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What have you been doing since last April?

It has been an eventful year. Since my first client project, I have been solving key issues in the public and social sector. I have worked on topics such as overseeing a multi-year program focused on improving the management of public investment and the transformation of a state owned organisation. I led presentations to some of the top leaders in my country’s public and social sector.

Through celebrating together the many happy moments and supporting each other through the difficult times, the McKinsey Addis office has become another family. And, personally, I have crossed off a couple of places from my travel bucket list like South Africa.

What remains the same since you have started?

My drive to play a part in the development of the African continent. This zeal is kept alive because I work alongside amazing people who share my passion and drive to solve challenging problems.

What is different?

I have higher standards for PowerPoint slides!

What professional growth have you seen since you started?

The firm has helped me grow in three ways:

1. Feedback – beyond being great sources of insight on my performance, colleagues take the time to support me by sharing helpful tips. For example, to help me slow down while presenting, a mentor suggested I pretend I am throwing a ball after each sentence, and wait for it to bounce back before continuing

2. Firm resources – McKinsey avails amazing resources that have helped me in many areas including Excel and PowerPoint, problem solving, and presenting with impact

3. Challenging assignments – At McKinsey, we work on the most difficult problems facing our clients and communities. In the beginning, I was concerned about the amount of responsibility I’d been given at such an early tenure. However, with the support of my colleagues and our firm’s resources, I’ve been able to deliver. Furthermore, my colleagues put a lot of confidence in me and my performance allowing me to make sure the trust is justified.

Knowing what you know now, any advice you would have given yourself a year ago?

Do not be nervous. Ask questions; everyone is happy to help.

What has been your favorite memory so far?

My favorite firm memory is the daily trips with colleagues for street side Jebena coffees. The regular shared meals, happy hours, and fun and fascinating conversations with the Addis family will always be memorable to me.

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