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We invite you to take the next step in your professional journey and explore opportunities with McKinsey in fast-growing economies around the world. Our Global Connect (August 23-35) event brings together talented people who are from—or passionate about—fast-growing global markets. To be eligible, you must be based in North America and be completing (or have completed) your JD, Master’s, MBA, or PhD degree; filling a postdoctoral post; pursuing a medical degree, internship, or residency; or currently working (with at least two years of professional experience). During this one of a kind weekend, we fly participants to Washington, DC to learn about the work we do and who we are by meeting our consultants from our emerging market offices. Event participants will work directly with our teams to solve a real-life case study—and, in the process, learn more about the world of consulting and how McKinsey solves problems.

The application deadline is May 19, 2019

I first learned about consulting during the capstone course for my undergraduate program. I found the prospect of a career solving various intellectually challenging problems very exciting.

After graduation, I decided to return home to Ethiopia because the most exciting challenges were here. I joined Welleba Business and Consultancy Services, a local consulting firm, as a finance and administrative officer where I played the joint role of an office accountant and financial analyst. After my time at Welleba, I transitioned to an analyst role at Novastar Ventures, a venture capital fund operating in East Africa, where I learned much more about the Ethiopian economy and the bottlenecks for development.

I was very excited when I learned that McKinsey had a public and social sector practice in Africa. It provided the best platform for me to address these complex challenges. The application process was not easy, but it gave me an even better perspective of the type of work I’d do and the people with whom I’d work and from whom I’d learn. I fell in love with McKinsey.


One of the most surprising things about McKinsey is how great the people are. I had imagined not being able to fit into this world of incredibly smart people. I was amazed to learn how diverse and humble they are.

What I appreciate the most about McKinsey is its emphasis on helping me be at my best. Even though I have much more to learn, being immersed in the company’s culture has helped me grow. Everyone is always willing to help answer my questions and share ideas for how I can better leverage my strengths. I am encouraged.

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I love learning about different cultures through travel and international movies. Therefore, the fact that McKinsey is present in 130+ countries was an additional selling point for me. One fun fact about me is I once got lost in China without any money and a dead phone. I had to use body language and hand gestures to find my way back. It was very awkward, but I found my friend. I look forward to similar adventures in the future.

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