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Mim on a sand dune
Mim on a sand dune

I grew up joining my dad on his work trips related to the environment and nature conservation. We often brought back injured animals such as rabbits and squirrels  and nursed them back to health. I grew up loving everything about nature and the outdoors . Nature clears my mind, brings back my energy, and reminds me that life is simple and I actually do not need a whole lot.

I now spend most of my free time and vacation time outdoors – exploring beaches, mountains, parks, etc . My favorite spot in Thailand is Koh Tao. I go there to learn freediving.

One of my favorite books is The Sixth Extinction by Elizabeth Kolbert which explains in rich detail how much we have influenced nature with very interesting examples, e.g. bacteria started in South America was capable of making a species became extinct probably due to global trade.  I highly recommend this book for anyone who is passionate about nature and sustainability.

Mim with a dog on a beach at sunset
Mim with a dog on a beach at sunset

Going Green in the Bangkok Office

We started our sustainability effort in the Bangkok office with Green Team initiatives. Then we expanded our practices to our client sites, including going plastic bottle free in our team rooms. We continually raise awareness of the decisions we make that can reduce waste, including choosing to get lunch from restaurants with environmentally friendly packaging and doing buffet Friday lunches to minimize waste.

Helping clients to go green

In addition to being a member of the Green Team, I‘ve begun to work on client engagements on sustainability. Over the past year, I have helped:

• Create a circular economy to minimize waste within a value chain
• Shift from virgin plastic to biobased and recycled plastic
• Find ways to decarbonize one of the most polluted sectors – mining – with electrification and secondary resources
• Develop a hydrogen strategy to decarbonize countries in which renewables are a challenge


Mim at a concert with big tv screen
Mim at a concert with big tv screen

About me

I grew up in Thailand and went to King’s College London and the London School of Economics, earning degrees in business management and finance. After school, I joined the Management Associate program at Citibank, where I was rotated into different departments every few months to gain experience in corporate and retail banking. I joined McKinsey because I wanted to challenge myself working on difficult and material problems and contribute to society in a meaningful way.

Outside of work, I cannot live without outdoor sports or dessert. My favorite sports include rhythm cycling, something I picked up during a McKinsey engagement in the US, kitesurfing, scuba and free diving, wakeboarding, and tennis.

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