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McKinsey celebrates Pride Month – meet Tanya

Tanya is passionate about product building as well as inclusion and diversity and has found client work in both areas.

Tanya was born and raised in Taipei and moved to US to pursue a degree in engineering at UC Berkeley. Prior to joining McKinsey in Taipei, she worked in the Bay Area at Apple as an engineering program manager.

What does McKinsey GLAM mean to you?

It has been a community that brings me closer to my authentic self and some of the most incredible folks within the firm. There is an instant understanding when meet another GLAMie, and a level of sharing and openness that skyrockets.

What do you like most about working at McKinsey?

Solving client problems and overcoming challenges with my team gives me a great sense of satisfaction. I appreciate the diverse engagements and the flexibility I have in deciding what client projects to work on and where.

For example, I am passionate about product building and diversity and inclusion initiatives. Over the course of five months, I helped a client industrialize its analytics initiatives, and I contributed to a knowledge project with The Alliance and McKinsey Quarterly furthering our understanding of how organizations can help diverse profiles succeed. One fact I learned was that individuals who feel they are in an inclusive environment are nearly three times more likely than their peers to be engaged in and committed to their organization. Understanding that feeling of inclusion is an important aspect to individuals’ performance and I am always mindful in creating a psychologically safe environment on my teams.

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What is a good movie you’ve seen lately?

One of my recent favorites is 18 Presents. It is a gentle reminder of how transient and fragile human lives can be. This movie is about 18 gifts a mother carefully selects for her daughter after she is diagnosed with terminal cancer. It is a real tearjerker so have box of tissues ready!

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