The perfect role for my logical nature

I have always been logical and analytical, which led me to get a degree in mechanical engineering and then pursue my first career in product development at a leading consumer packaged goods company. After about five years, I was ready to take a break and get some overseas experience, so I went to study abroad. I earned my MBA from Duke University.

From there I served in a corporate strategy role at a leading tech company before deciding to join McKinsey.

My role at the firm

I am an associate with the Operations practice, lending my experience to a variety of projects. I work with clients to solve their most pressing problems by helping them identify and implement solutions and strategies. I analyze information, formulate and test hypotheses, and develop and communicate recommendations for achieving their goals.

For example, I conducted the commercial due diligence of a leading e-commerce platform, analyzed supply chain resilience post-pandemic, and helped to scale a sustainability mobile app. The consistent theme in my work is to look at problems through the clients’ lens and then take a methodic approach to solve them.

McKinsey’s strong learning culture

McKinsey provides a robust training ground for inexperienced and experienced colleagues. From early in your career, you’re solving complex problems for clients across industries and functions. Powerful mentorship and structured feedback accelerate your learning curve and personal growth.

McKinsey has provided rewarding project experience, which has empowered me to own my work and strengthen my knowledge and skills. Additionally, I am surrounded by amazing people who have shaped my consulting experience. I’ve built lasting relationships with several mentors and friends who have aided my growth by providing supportive feedback along my journey.

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More about Mavis

Outside of work, Mavis enjoys skiing and rock climbing. The more introverted side of her also likes to spend time playing video games and relaxing at home.

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