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Being the “right–hand woman” to my clients

Tina is a true counselor, which she loves.

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Before I joined McKinsey, I worked at a Fortune 500 consumer goods company for more than ten years. I owned several strategic sales and trade management assignments internationally and across brands. I loved discovering new opportunities and driving new business areas.

I decided to move on when I started feeling stuck in my role. Applying to McKinsey felt like a now or never decision. I gave it a shot, and, thankfully, here I am.

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At the beginning, there were things that worried me (like every new hire). For instance, letting go of old thinking patterns while still bringing to bear my expertise. It’s a balancing act all experienced hires face. I learned to listen to colleagues and mentors first, before jumping in with answers. I have learned so much through our day–to–day interactions and better understand the skills and knowledge my colleagues bring. The breadth of experiences we have makes the solutions we develop with our clients better.


I enjoy developing strong, peer–like relationships with our most senior clients. I am a full–hearted client counselor, not just a consultant coming in for a specific job. My experience and seniority are key to my credibility and trust.

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