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Three surprises for an experienced hire

Ludivine found more supportive interviewers, variety in her work, and diverse colleagues than she imagined coming to McKinsey after years in consumer goods marketing.

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In my previous career, I worked for various companies (e.g., a top-fast moving consumer goods multinational, retailer) on diverse categories (e.g., toothpaste, soup, ice cream). I worked in different retail environments (e.g., mass market, pharmacy) and geographies (France, Belgium, Spain, Portugal). I was so in love with the variety in marketing, that I never thought about changing jobs. Yet, I wanted to find new challenges. McKinsey offered me the perfect opportunity to stay in the space while tackling an even wider span of important problems.


Consulting interested me, but I worried I wouldn’t pass the recruiting process. I heard the bar was high, and I wasn’t sure I could reach it, especially because of the cases I’d have to do during interviews. I decided to give it a try – I had nothing to lose. I dove into preparations. When interview day came, I was surprised. All my interviewers made me feel assured and comfortable. I showed my best and received an offer.

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I thought the most exciting part of working at McKinsey would be travelling. That is great, but the best part is the amazing people I’ve met. Everyone has a different background and experience to share, and common traits are kindness and benevolence. This community is always happy to help and make you feel part of the team. I could not be happier with my career switch.

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