Advancing clients’ engineering capabilities

I joined IncepTech right before we were acquired by McKinsey in early 2022. IncepTech focuses on digital consulting, and it felt like a perfect fit because it brought together my expertise in engineering and my passion for consulting.

At the firm, I am a Tech Lead, and I support clients on greenfield projects or digital transformations, focused largely on setting up the architecture, building the engineering team on both the McKinsey side and client side – up to the CTO level, and then leading capability building for the client so their engineering team can take over. I am also involved with developing the first few iterations of the product until we reach an MVP phase.

I have a nice balance of projects where I can be hands on and code and ones where I am focused more on the big picture, such as architecture and coaching stakeholders. Ultimately, I do what is most beneficial to achieve impact. If that means coding, that’s what I do. If that means ensuring other engineers have what they need to move fast and have a great experience, I focus my energy there.

Leaving companies stronger than I found them

Advancing clients’ engineering capabilities
Advancing clients’ engineering capabilities

I work on a variety of Leap by McKinsey projects helping more established organizations imagine, build, and scale new businesses. We’re helping them go beyond strategy to execute the vision. However, our model is not to just do all the work ourselves and walk away.

McKinsey has the expertise to develop solutions fast—but we also want them to be long-lasting and sustainable, and that requires capability building. We help our clients become tech-first organizations, so they can move forward, operate without us, and continue to grow.

Building these high-performing engineering teams and engineering cultures is where I thrive. I believe if you focus on people, they can build amazing things, and it’s inspiring to help them reach that full potential.

Making the seemingly impossible, possible

Advancing clients’ engineering capabilities
Advancing clients’ engineering capabilities

When I first joined the Firm, I worked on an asset that serves as a link between an organization’s top-down strategic goals and its bottom-up capabilities to asses viability and impact. Two other colleagues and I applied Extreme Programming methodologies to deliver the first working iteration in just a few weeks.

It was my first experience with the Firm, and I was amazed because I didn't think building something that fast and high quality was possible. It’s meaningful to me that we can deliver these types of results to our clients.

Working in the Budapest Digital Studio

We have this tightknit community of exceptional, incredibly supportive, and caring people, still, we also can tap into McKinsey’s wider network.

There’s a saying that you're the average of the five people closest to you. I believe if you work at McKinsey, it's hard not to be excellent because the people closest to you are also excellent.

More about me

At McKinsey, I am involved in several projects focused on developing the Budapest Digital Studio. Outside of work, I love to travel and experience new cultures, which McKinsey enables me to do. So far, my favorite destination has been Iceland, but I can’t wait to see what else is out there. I’m also a big gamer, and love reading psychology books.

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