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Creating digital solutions virtually

Jenny cherishes having fun while solving the toughest problems
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One of the things I most love about McKinsey is the ever-expanding work-family that has adopted me. Fascinating and impactful work aside, it is the collection of wonderful, eclectic, intelligent, and genuine people who are behind my best times at the firm.

My current team is large and vibrant, with multiple sub-teams focused on different workstreams. We are helping a client set up its first digital factory – a new way of organising and working that enables large companies to innovate and change at high speeds while preserving stability of the traditional organisation.

There’s nothing quite like tackling a challenge as a team. Each person brings her/his/their perspective and experience. Things are never dull when you pull together, for example, a chemist, a medical doctor, a materials science engineer, an Agile guru, an IoT expert, and a PhD in logics and artificial intelligence. Just imagine the banter! The fact that I have not lost my mind to cabin fever during quarantine can only be attributed to amazing colleagues who are always available to lift my spirits and barrage me with laugh-out-loud GIFs.

I love our collaborative problem-solving sessions. Working virtually hasn’t changed how we focus on making a positive, measurable difference with our clients. There are always great ideas zipping around our Zoom team room.

Most of all, I cherish the fact we can have fun doing serious work.  Remote working hasn’t changed how much we laugh and celebrate together.  Zoom parties are a thing—children, pets, and giant Pikachus are all welcome—and nothing quite breaks down barriers like an online game of Cards Against Humanity.

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