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Imadh sitting on a river bank
Imadh sitting on a river bank

How did you feel prior to your interviews?

I was definitely a bit nervous, especially for the case interviews. There isn’t any required background knowledge, but there were a lot of things to keep in mind – like being structured when communicating. Thanks to the resources and coaching McKinsey provided, I had plenty of practice and felt well prepared by the time interviews came around. The interviews turned out to be a lot of fun; they felt like team work, getting through a tough business problem.

What surprised you most about the McKinsey interview process?

I was surprised by the incredible amount of effort McKinsey puts into supporting its future consultants. I was not even part of the firm, yet there were online resources on the McKinsey careers site, workshops, and coaching sessions to help me interview successfully. From the recruiting process, I could see the firm goes above and beyond to help you succeed, and it reassured me that McKinsey was the place for me.

How did you prepare your personal experience examples?

The personal experience interview was a great way for me to re-examine some of the important moments in my life through a different lens. I started brainstorming with my family to think of experiences that said something about me. After deciding which stories to share, I began to break down and analyze each experience in detail, extracting a compelling storyline that clearly demonstrated a personal quality McKinsey seeks in its consultants.

Imadh in the mountains
Imadh in the mountains

Aside from case coaching, how did McKinsey help you prepare?

McKinsey paired me with a mentor for the interview process, who was an associate. He was friendly, helpful, and a great resource, particularly when it came to understanding what life as a McKinsey consultant is like. My recruiter was also always available to answer my questions and ensure I was aware of all the resources.

Looking back, how did you feel about the overall experience?

I truly enjoyed it. It was challenging and it helped me improve and learn. The interviewers were very good at providing feedback after the initial interviews, which I incorporated for the next round.

Why are you excited to join McKinsey?

McKinsey’s strong culture of caring and support was the main draw for me, as it means the firm dedicates itself to the development of its people. I can’t wait to work with the amazing colleagues whom I know will continue to support my growth. Additionally, I look forward to working with international clients in different sectors to broaden my perspective. That’s the career I’ve hoped for, so I’m looking forward to the days ahead.

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Imadh is a graduate of Yale University with bachelors degree in biomedical engineering. Outside of work, Imadh enjoys cooking, drawing, gaming and travelling.

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