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Huy first joined us as an associate intern during his MBA program at Wharton. After graduation, he came back to McKinsey full-time as an associate in Hanoi. We interviewed him to learn more about his experiences during his internship and beyond.

Why did you apply to the associate intern role?

I was interested in consulting for exposure to tough management challenges across industries, sectors and geographies. After attending the presentations and social events McKinsey hosted at Wharton, I was particularly interested in working alongside the colleagues and industry experts I met at the firm. They all seemed to hail from such diverse and interesting backgrounds. Specifically, I met with Roy, a digital consultant, who told me about the cool projects he worked on and the fun trainings he attended. Our conversation motivated me to join McKinsey. The associate internship was the perfect chance to test whether McKinsey and consulting were right for me.

What was your experience like as an intern?

Coming from a finance background, I thought I’d be staffed on a project that would leverage my expertise. To my surprise, I was asked to join a talent management engagement – a topic completely outside my comfort zone. Imagine a finance guy on a project that did not require any calculations!

However, the firm put a lot of effort and trust in helping every intern succeed and be at their best. I was trusted and supported in many ways. One mentor on my engagement team helped me navigate resources at the firm; another coached me and helped me develop new skills. Additionally, my work mattered. I contributed to improvement in talent acquisition, a critical pillar in setting up a digital center of excellence for my client.

My team made an extra effort to host activities like Muay Thai training and laser tag so we could get to know each other on a personal level and have fun. That summer gave me a glimpse into a McKinsey career and helped me decide the firm was the right place for me.

Huy Le Laser Tag
Huy and his fellow interns enjoying a game of laser tag (pre-COVID-19)
Huy Le Laser Tag

What made you come back to McKinsey after finishing your MBA?

I was impressed by the breadth of capabilities available at McKinsey and the range of business problems consultants get to solve. I was particularly interested in McKinsey’s work in the transformation space, which requires a mix of intellect, tenacity and personal skills to deliver impact during the project and beyond.

Describe your most exciting project since you joined as a full-time associate?

I’ve had so many so it’s hard to pick. One of my favorites was a pricing transformation project for a high-tech client. I was part of the project diagnostic and bottom-up planning team. We worked closely with our clients to set the vision for the pricing organization and frame the initiatives. The experience helped me appreciate how complex operational challenges can be and how difficult it can be to implement new ideas.

Although this project occurred during COVID-19, my team managed to have fun while working on challenging problems. We organized virtual social events like painting classes to stay connected and helped each other cope during such a difficult time.

What advice would you give people considering an internship with McKinsey next summer?

McKinsey’s summer internship is special. It gives you first-hand insights into the life of a consultant and lets you explore ways to develop your expertise. Through the internship experience, you’ll realize the breadth of McKinsey’s capabilities and the available opportunities for you to grow.

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More about Huy

Huy holds an MBA from Wharton Business School. He has a bachelor’s degree in finance from the National University of Singapore. Before McKinsey, Huy worked in corporate M&A and social impact investing. He joined as an associate in Hanoi about two years ago. Outside of work, he enjoys reading books on tech ventures, taking online classes on machine learning, and cooking.

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