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Working towards something that matters

Feras found McKinsey while exploring career options. Read why it was the right choice for him.

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I never expected to end up in a suit. In college, I studied economics and international development, focused on global public health. I went from doing development work in rural India and Nepal in a jeans and a t-shirt, to becoming a suit wearing consultant in Dubai

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At the same time, I saw first hand the problems plaguing non-profits: reliance on donor funding, need for government support and infrastructure gaps preventing services from reaching the people who need it most.

During my final year in college, I started to explore career options outside of the social sector. That’s when I heard about McKinsey. Hearing consultants and alumni speak passionately about their work in the Middle East, I was hooked.

After a couple of years at the firm, I started a project with a real estate agency interested in developing a plot of land in a remote part of a city in the Middle East. It was the largest undertaking this client had ever faced, and the plot was roughly one third the size of my country, Bahrain.

It was amazing to roll up our sleeves, go on site visits, and plan the future of the district with our clients. We mapped out offices, malls, affordable homes, schools and clinics. Each team member brought a different perspective to the problem, sharing ideas and stories during brainstorming sessions and team dinners that shaped our vision for this development. We were working with our clients, urban planners, and McKinsey global experts toward something that really mattered grew so close that many of us keep in touch today .

After three years at the firm, this was just one of many experiences that inspired me.

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