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Last year, we created the McKinsey Achievement Awards to help talented people get to know us better. Winners, like Demetri, were awarded with a mentorship program and a monetary reward to support their development.

McKinsey is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive environment and is passionate about developing leaders. Last year, we created an initiative to help talented people get to know us better - the McKinsey Achievement Awards. Recipients received a monetary reward to support their academic or professional development and joined a mentorship program.

We sat down with Demetri, one of the award recipients, to talk about his experience. Demetri was born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica, and later moved to the US to study industrial engineering and statistics. Last year, after completing his studies, he relocated to the UK to start his professional journey as an analyst at Goldman Sachs. During this transition period, he received the McKinsey Achievement Award.

How did you find out about the McKinsey Achievement Awards?

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I was reading an article on McKinsey’s website about transforming global health supply chains through data visibility. After I finished, I browsed the careers section of McKinsey’s website, which is where I saw the application.

Why did you apply?

I saw it as a generous opportunity to become more educated on what the firm does. The mentorship component of the award was the biggest pull for me. In tandem, I saw in the McKinsey Achievement Awards a seamless way in which I could become a tangible part of McKinsey’s global network, even if I wasn’t a full-time firm member.

How is your mentor helping you in your advancement?

This year had its fair share of challenges, but I can gratefully say my mentor could not have come into my life at a better time. As I was transitioning from campus life to full-time employment in an entirely different country, my mentor’s wisdom, friendship and advice proved invaluable. We have spoken at lengths about my professional interests, and he has recommended people, resources and avenues I can use to grow these aspirations. In our next catch-up, he and I will sketch out my developmental plan for the next couple months.

What is your advice for people considering applying?

Approach the application boldly, transparently and vulnerably. Doing so will help you craft the best stories about yourself in a way that resonates well with others. Please feel free to connect with past recipients as well and I, for one, am open to help.

Apply for the McKinsey Achievement Awards by May 21, 2021:

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