How to go from physics to data science

McKinsey City Cup Datathon is an international competition in which you can apply your machine learning and coding skills to tackle an exciting social challenge. Read how attending a datathon led data scientist Davide to his role at McKinsey. 

What made you decide to join McKinsey after the Datathon?

The McKinsey consultants I met were very friendly and shared stories about how they had grown at the firm. What really caught my interest was how diverse their work was and how many learning and development opportunities they had.


What’s your role in a nutshell?

I work with teams creating analytical solutions that range from developing and delivering code and models, to digging for insights in our results and translating them into actionable plans for our clients. I’m out of my comfort zone a lot, which I love.

Favorite technical work at McKinsey?

During my time at university, I learned how brilliant results are sometimes communicated poorly, achieving less impact than hoped. I like that, at McKinsey, I develop deeply technical solutions and share the insights with decision makers and leaders in industry. My solutions are applied in the real world in a very short time, and I have a whole team around me to make sure my work is rigorous and my findings are communicated well. Together, we make the biggest difference possible.

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About Davide:

Davide is a data scientist based in Stockholm. He has a PhD in physics from Uppsala University in Sweden.

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