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Building digital products in Scandinavia

Stockholm-based product manager Daria shares how our agile learning and meaningful tech work brought her to McKinsey.

After finishing my university studies in engineering, I found my happy place between business, design and technology. After seven years of developing my product management skills in the media, and hospitality industries, I was ready to bring my professional experience and passion for tech to McKinsey.

Agile, rewarding learning

Joining McKinsey has been the most exciting, challenging, and fun experience in my career. It feels like I’ve picked up five years of knowledge in one. I learn best by doing, so I love McKinsey’s model that gives me ownership in my work and client relationships. I am already shaping innovative products and services and building new businesses, and I just started.

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My goal for my first year is to define and shape our growing Scandinavian digital work with my colleagues. Currently, my core team comprises five other tech specialists who each bring different experience building and growing digital ventures. Every week we enrich our digital business building approach with new outcomes, helping build our knowledge base and reach and relevance within the firm and among client organizations.

Recruiting other women in tech

As we grow, it’s imperative we inspire more women to join McKinsey’s digital journey. Recently, I enjoyed participating in the European Women in Tech conference. I met many inspiring women, and showed several of them how we help the world’s largest organizations create forward-thinking products, services, and experiences. Creating an inclusive workplace is a priority and inclusion is about enabling people to be their best selves, day in and day out.

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About Daria

Stockholm-based Daria is a digital consultant, specializing in product management. Prior to McKinsey, she was a product manager at a hospitality digital startup and the co-founder of a second-hand clothing company, She has a master’s in biomedical engineering from the University of Zagreb in Croatia.

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