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Finding support within the Client Capabilities Network

My pathway to McKinsey

Chiara Spreafico
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I’m a manager with the firm’s Client Capabilities Network for the Mediterranean region, which includes our offices in Italy and Greece. I am based Milan and oversee a successful team formed by capabilities and insights (C&I) analysts and knowledge consultants who help our teams and clients through proprietary knowledge and capabilities, deep expertise, and distinctive insights.

After earning a master’s degree in business administration from the Bocconi University, I worked as a researcher at the university, as well as in the banking industry. I was always passionate about research and joined McKinsey as senior research analyst in 2007. My role was to provide capabilities, insights, and solution services for our banking clients. At McKinsey, I’ve found a great group of talented colleagues to work with on a variety of financial topics.

In 2010, I took on a managerial role and have led various teams since then. Every day here is a learning opportunity, from the daily work to the number of external and internal trainings we can attend. In our team we build a tailored approach to learning, covering everything from knowledge skills related to the specific sector of focus to soft skills, such as communication, time management, the pyramid principle and more.

Opportunities for learning and development

Across the firm, we take professional development—the training, assessment, and advancement of our employees—very seriously. Our continuous on-the-job training and strength-based feedback helps foster growth. You can take advantage of both formal and informal trainings, including programs tailored specifically to your role, strengths, and development areas. We have an online learning portal, which offers personalized, self-directed learning opportunities across multiple areas. Throughout your career at McKinsey, you will also benefit from our culture of mentorship and apprenticeship, as experienced colleagues take an active role in coaching their less tenured colleagues.

The Client Capabilities Network and its diverse teams

The best part of the work is the talented colleagues you collaborate with every day. McKinsey people bring different backgrounds and expertise to the table, and the moment you join, you immediately are part of a diverse, international network. Our Mediterranean team is part of the broader Client Capabilities Network, formed by more than ~6,000 professionals, speaking more than 80 languages and representing more than 50 countries. This large network is a great home for people with intellectual curiosity who seek opportunities to grow from their work and to develop deep expertise.

Their responsibilities range from working with McKinsey consulting teams on research and data analyses to being a thought partner to consultants and clients, and developing important new areas of intellectual capital and analysis, or CEO-level type of documents.

Chiara’s advice to you

Within McKinsey’s Client Capabilities Network, we are looking for people with different educational and professional backgrounds, who can help build the firm’s insights and capabilities. If you have a passion for knowledge and learning and a desire to help solve real-world problems, you can establish yourself as a generalist, a people leader, an analytical guru, or a client-focused expert.

Outside of work

I spend most of my free time with my husband and family. I have an 11-year-old son and an eight-year-old daughter. I have a huge passion for sports that I’m currently passing onto my kids, who are involved in several activities, such as swimming, tennis, skiing, volleyball, and more. I try to keep the pace with them, so I practice running, although they are already starting to run faster than me.