Breathe slow and grow

I joined McKinsey as a business analyst in September 2017. I didn’t know what to expect at first, and I was slightly nervous. I did know what I was looking for: a range of experiences, learning opportunities and exceptional colleagues. During my first months at the firm, all my expectations were met and exceeded. I could relax and breath.

McKinsey is enabling me to work in different and complex sectors; in the last 14 months, I’ve delved into transportation and logistics, telecom, and banking. Furthermore, I’ve worked in many functional practices, including risk, strategy & corporate finance, and organization.

This broad perspective has made my path a continuous learning experience, which is exactly what I wanted. Thanks to my clients and colleagues, I’ve changed as a person in the most positive ways. I am encouraged to keep growing and improving. That always makes me smile, even when I am tired.


Smiling and enjoying my experience is not difficult since I work with the coolest people. The warm feeling of being part of a community in which I can easily be myself is amazing. For example, I love sports, especially running and skiing. To involve this in my work, I organize outdoor events and activities for my colleagues.

McKinsey helps me grow up in my working life. I can create amazing memories with outstanding people and continuously learn to be my best self. It’s the best experience I could have asked for.

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