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A journey best walked with others

Having great support system and people on whom she can rely has helped Brenda do the type of work she loves and form strong relationships with colleagues and clients.
Brenda at an office party
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Brenda is a business analyst in Nairobi. She studied civil engineering at New York University in Abu Dhabi. We sat down with her to learn about some of her favorite parts about working at McKinsey.

How has McKinsey supported you to be your best self?

Coming from an engineering background, I have always loved numbers and quant. In many of my teams, my managers have proactively ensured I own workstreams that leverage my analytical strengths. One manager recommended me for an analytics training designed for more senior colleagues because she knew it would pique my interest and help me grow.

I have several mentors and friends who have taken a specific interest in my personal well-being. From random coffee dates to Friday sushi lunches, this support system is a constant reminder that my McKinsey and life journey is best walked with others. I have been fortunate to have people around me on whom I can rely.

What is your favorite part about working at McKinsey?

There are several hallmarks to my McKinsey experience but one of my favorite parts of the work has been getting to know and support my clients. On a typical engagement, we spend most of our days working side-by-side with our clients and, as a result, we forge relationships that extend beyond our work. Some of my proudest moments have been when a client has called me to share exciting personal news. I recently bumped into a former client at a coffee shop and he reminded me of a conversation we’d had and shared that it informed a major decision for his business unit. Forging relationships in which my clients see me as more than a consultant has been very gratifying.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I have many hobbies. One of my true loves is food and cooking. I aspire to be a self-taught gourmet chef and regularly subject my friends and family to my experiments. I am currently compiling a collection of cookbooks from my favorite chefs to try out new recipes. I also occasionally dabble in CrossFit and hiking. In my “next life,” I will try to take fitness more seriously.

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