It took our team to win it

Below, Anna describes the tight-knit community in the Manila office. If you identify as female, have two or more years of work experience, and currently live in Southeast Asia, apply by May 17th to join us for New Horizons to get a first-hand feel for who we are and what we do.

We travel a fair bit for work and spend a lot of time with our clients, but on Fridays we reunite in the Manila office. It’s an amazing community. We’re not London or Singapore in size but being small has its perks. Everyone knows everyone, and we laugh – a lot. Office events mean a lot of jokes, competition, karaoke, and food while we wait out the Friday night traffic.


One of my favorite Fridays included dinner followed by a karaoke competition and a game of Jeopardy. Our resident knowledge expert Justine created the game with the most interesting categories including pop culture, vocabulary, and geography. The questions ranged in time period, too:

“The first country in the world to grant women the right to vote.”

“The Philippines’ representative to Miss Universe 2012.”

Then came the Double Jeopardy question on which the results of the competition hung: “The modern-day country from where the first man to orbit the earth came.” The answer: “What is Kazakhstan.” I never would have guessed that, but my team mate Martin barely blinked as he cheerfully penned the answer. We won!

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