Third time is the charm

My first day at McKinsey, I was asked to share a fun fact about myself with my new colleagues: before I joined the Stockholm office as a data scientist, I interviewed with three McKinsey teams in the U.S. and Europe. While the 15 interviews I had might not be typical and might sound exhausting, I found this an early example of how awesome McKinsey is. The firm has a special ability to recognize your potential and work with you to find the best opportunities to help you achieve your aspirations.


My McKinsey journey started when a friend, who works in the firm’s North American Knowledge Center, told me about an opening on the economic development team. He thought my experience at the World Bank would make me a good fit. I agreed because economic development is one of my biggest passions. Around the same time, I completed a master’s degree in applied data science and wanted to use my new skillset. My recruiter took note and suggested a role with the geospatial analytics team. While their work sounded extremely interesting and a closer match to my goals, the position was based in Waltham; I wanted to move to Sweden to join my now-–fiancé. To my amazement, only a couple of weeks later, a recruiter from McKinsey’s Stockholm office contacted me with an opportunity to join a new advanced analytics hub as a data scientist.

While it took many steps, McKinsey helped me find the perfect opportunity. My role is the best fit for my professional and personal goals. Thanks to my recruiters, I received timely feedback after every interview and a transparent view of the next steps. I met wonderful people along the way who only made me more excited to join the firm. I was especially inspired by women in senior and technical roles: a knowledge expert, two data scientists, and a partner. The partner who interviewed me during final rounds has become a mentor and role model. I’m now a part of a growing analytics hub in the Nordics, working on challenges fully in line with my aspirations as a data scientist: helping clients achieve lasting improvement through the use of data and analytics.

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About Anastasia
Anastasia is a data scientist in Stokholm. She has a master’s in data science from New York University. Prior to joining McKinsey, Anastasia was an economist with the World Bank. 

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