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Adriana, marketing & sales engagement manager, started her McKinsey story 3 years ago in Milan. We caught up with her to hear what her first experiences have been like.


Before joining McKinsey, I worked for three years as a general manager for a digital advertising technology company I loved. McKinsey’s recruiting process was straightforward and the people positively surprised me. They were so kind and understanding. They helped me articulate how my professional needs were changing and helped me find the best role to fit my skills and preferences. At their recommendation, I applied to McKinsey’s Marketing & Sales practice to purse my passions while learning new things every day.


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At first, I was afraid of landing in a very different culture compared to my previous employer. I worried McKinsey would be competitive and it would be difficult to fit in. Instead, I found a very open and international environment in which I can develop my potential, supported and encouraged by exceptional people. People here are united by strong values and a sense of belonging, without geographical boundaries. My mentors and some of my best friends are at the firm, spread from the US to Indonesia.


I never expected to combine these new experiences and learnings while still developing my marketing expertise, but I am. I’m building on my digital marketing expertise to help our clients and to grow our internal capabilities. Simultaneously, I’m broadening my horizons by diving into new marketing areas and industries. My heart beats hardest when I’m thinking through tough challenges – helping our clients succeed and developing long–term relationships with them. Whether it is about powering–up their growth strategies with digital and analytics, finding new opportunities or simply listening to them, I get to use my work experience and skills to build credibility and trust in these relationships.

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