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The ultimate platform to make a change

Aderajew joined the Addis Abada office this year because he felt McKinsey’s opportunities are unparalleled.

I joined McKinsey this year as an associate at the Addis Abada office. I remember the day I got an offer. It was the 15th of August, a bright Wednesday morning, and I was having a delicious Ethiopian coffee with friends. My phone rang and the partner from the Ethiopia office offered me the job. Oh my! I got so excited at the chance to join McKinsey that my heart started to beat through my chest.

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I joined McKinsey for three reasons: the people, the ability to change the world for the better and the opportunities. Once I had the exposure and education in Europe and the US, the next legitimate question for me was how I might use my expertise in the best possible way so I could help my country. Working so much with public and social institutions, McKinsey Africa provides that ultimate platform where you will work with the smartest, driven, and personable people, have exposure to multiple industries, and help solve the hardest problems facing government and social sector institutions. The results of the work could help millions of people on the continent.

On a typical project, there is a good chance you might work with a software engineer from Asia, an architect from Europe, an economist from Africa and a history and philosophy major from the US all on one team. What is so special about McKinsey is the well–rounded support you get, the diversity of people you work with, and the variety of the expertise you have access to each day.

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