Wave for Transformation and Restructuring

Track progress and value creation of large-scale turnaround programs

Organizations executing large-scale transformation initiatives face multiple challenges: misalignment on goals, delayed decision-making, confused accountability, unclear impact, etc. To overcome these challenges, organizations need to align the entire organization on goals, tasks, status, accountability and, most importantly, the business value realized.

Wave is a centralized program management solution that enables users to manage the transformation’s many initiatives, communicate across teams, track progress towards timeline milestones and projections, and quantify the program’s impact on overall financial performance.

Visibility into value creation

The Wave platform is uniquely designed to link top-down goals to the impact of each sub-initiative, allowing teams to see beyond task completion to the business value being created.

Transformation-focused design

Wave’s transformation configuration focuses teams solely on what’s important for their transformation: monitoring initiatives through stage gates, automating approval processes, and tracking progress towards stage milestones.

Increased transparency

Wave helps teams increase accountability by providing a single source of truth for tracking initiative progress, identifying initiatives at-risk of falling behind schedule, and identifying the users responsible for getting the initiative back on track.
Merger Management

Wave lets me drive a transformation office meeting as it should be run. I can set up a dashboard to lead the entire meeting, and send this dashboard ahead of the meeting to all involved so they are fully prepared for what is coming… the functionality is just brilliant.

CTO of a leading multinational packaging company

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Why choose Wave for Transformation and Restructuring?

Transformation expertise

Wave for Transformation and Restructuring is designed around key learnings from McKinsey’s vast experience helping organizations seeking to go from “good to great,” and stakeholders in insolvency situations drive rapid and dramatic performance improvements.

Financial alignment

Because Wave’s configuration directly aligns with an organization’s general ledger and financial statements, users can minimize value leakage and reference Wave reports for clear financial reconciliation.

Powerful reporting

Our dashboards allow users to drill down into data for in-depth investigation, visualize initiatives using relevant criteria like “impact over time” and “gap between value and targets,” and implement filters that can highlight the initiatives with status changes, initiatives with high potential impact, and more.

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