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Energy retailer deploys transformation program to increase baseline and improve overall EBITDA






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An energy retailer needed a solution to help solve its impact-tracking needs for a large-scale transformation program. The organization looked to increase its baseline and fill the gap to improve overall earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA). With a starting EBITDA of $540 million, the initial goal was to reach $1 billion by 2018.

In addition to the financial goals set in place, the organization also looked to streamline processes and increase efficiency.


With the recommendation of Wave as the tool for impact tracking, the organization was able to efficiently track its initiatives that were categorized into different “strategy pillars”:

  • Become world-class retailer
  • Lead in next-generation energy solutions
  • Develop a lost-cost operating model
  • Optimize position in centralized generations

In addition to the transformation office, executives also used Wave, enabling them to manage and track benefits and key parts of the transformation.


The client achieved $302 million of recurring cost benefits to date, and saw a one-time benefit of $220 million.

Wave helped improve the work culture and brought in discipline, changing the way people approach things.

“Wave is a powerful tool. At first the process was running us, as the business matured with Wave, we are now running the process. It has given people more ownership of the business.”

–Chief Technology Officer

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