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Healthcare provider undergoes transformation and consolidation program

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dedicated Wave environments


Healthcare provider first embarked on a healthcare-specific transformation program with goals to reduce costs and improve efficiency within the organization.

In parallel, as part of a regional consolidation program, the organization was mandated to combine its multiple locations into one, enabling them to serve a broader geographical region with a centralized perspective.


Wave was brought in to drive the transformation program forward, allowing clients to set top-down targets, build a portfolio of initiatives, and track the execution and impact delivery year over year.

Wave allowed the organization to structure clear governance of the initiative life cycle by leveraging the McKinsey stage-gate methodology.

In relation to the parallel consolidation program, a separate Wave environment is being used to track the integration initiatives against an overall master plan to ensure implementation targets remain on track.


To date, over 1,900 initiatives are being tracked in Wave, with 1,500 having been fully realized. Organization has achieved £200 million ($264+million) of impact since undergoing the transformation and plans to expand into the full 5-year transformation window continuing to use Wave as its program-management tool.

“Really quite intuitive to use and graphically representative of where we are as a program of work. I like the simplicity of its representation on screen.”

–Wave End User

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